Prenatal care (the care a woman gets before the birth of a baby) and postpartum care (the care a woman gets after the birth of a baby) can help ensure the health of the mom and the baby. You can consult with your doctor or midwife to get help with making decisions about your pregnancy. They can help guide you on topics such as vitamins, tests and screenings to track your baby’s growth, and plans for care for your baby after birth.

Prenatal and Postpartum Visits

Keep you and your baby healthy by going to all your prenatal and postpartum visits.

  • First visit: Before you are 12 weeks pregnant
  • Weeks 4-28: 1 visit every 4 weeks
  • Weeks 28-36: 2 visit every 2 weeks
  • Weeks 36-40: 1 visit every week
  • 3-8 weeks after delivery: Postpartum visit to be sure that you are healing without problems.


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