Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC), also referred to as the Member Advisory Committee (MAC), provides a link between the Alliance and the Community. MAC members advise the Alliance on cultural, linguistic and policy concerns. They offer the Alliance a member’s point of view about the needs and concerns of special groups such as older adults and persons with disabilities, families with children, and people who speak a primary language other than English.

All meetings are open to the public.

If you would like to be a part of the MAC, please complete our online Contact Us Form or call:


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee takes up all issues and makes recommendations to the Board pertaining to rate structure, budget, fiscal strategy and policy, financial projection, investment, selection of banks and depositories, and other fiscal matters.


Health Care Quality Committee (HCQC)

The Health Care Quality Committee (HCQC)

The Health Care Quality Committee (HCQC) oversees topics about the quality of care. The committee reviews the quality of care provided and ensures that action and follow-up are completed to resolve any deficiencies. The HCQC quality assurance program addresses service elements, including accessibility, availability, and continuity of care, and monitors the provision and utilization of services. HCQC meets at least quarterly and reports to the Alliance Board of Governors.

Access & Availability (A&A) Committee

The Access & Availability (A&A) committee is a sub-committee of HCQC. A&A monitors and reports metrics that ensure members receive access to quality health care services in a timely and accessible manner. The Alliance is committed to providing its Medi-Cal and Group Care members with adequate access to facilities and providers throughout Alameda County. A&A metrics and activities are reported to the HCQC for review and recommendations. A&A meets at least quarterly.

Internal Quality Improvement Committee (IQIC)

The Internal Quality Improvement Committee (IQIC) is a sub-committee of HCQC. IQIC reports the quality of clinical care, patient safety, customer service, performance improvement and Joint Operations meetings activities to HCQC. The primary roles of IQIC is to maintain and improve clinical operational quality, review organization-wide performance against Alliance quality targets, and communicate the results to HCQC for review and recommendations. IQIC meets at least quarterly.

HCQC Agendas

Peer Review & Credentialing Committee (PRCC)

Mục đích chính của xem xét và chứng nhận Ủy ban (PRCC) là để xem xét các thông tin liên quan đến các chứng chỉ và đặc quyền của các học viên đang áp dụng cho các chi nhánh hoặc một mối quan hệ hợp đồng với tổ chức, cho dù là một mới hoặc cho recredentialing. Nền tảng cho chứng nhận là để đảm bảo chất lượng và tuân thủ các yêu cầu quy định, tiêu chuẩn công nhận, nội qui tổ chức, và các hợp đồng cá nhân.

Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee

The Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Governors on all matters related to the therapeutic use of medication and certain medical supplies. The goal of this committee is to ensure that the Alliance Medication Formulary provides safe and quality care.