The Alliance is a local, public, not-for-profit managed care health plan committed to making high quality health care services accessible and affordable to Alameda County residents. The Alliance staff and provider network reflect the county’s cultural and linguistic diversity.


We strive to improve the quality of life of our members and people throughout our diverse community by collaborating with our provider partners in delivering high quality, accessible and affordable health care services. As participants of the safety-net system, we recognize and seek to collaboratively address social determinants of health as we proudly serve Alameda County.


The Alliance will be the most valued and respected managed care health plan in Alameda County.



We participate actively, remove barriers to effective collaboration and interact as a winning team.


We are courteous to others, embrace diversity and strive to create a positive work environment.


We take ownership of tasks and responsibilities and maintain a high level of work quality.

Commitment & Compassion

We collaborate with our providers and community partners to improve the wellbeing of our members, focus on quality in all we do and act as good stewards of resources.

Knowledge & Innovation

We seek to understand and find better ways to help our members, providers and community partners.


該聯盟很榮幸能為每10名阿拉米達縣居民中的2人提供醫療保險。 我們為社區超過25萬人提供護理和服務。 我們與 7,000 多名醫生和專家、醫院和藥房組成的網路合作,改善我們多元化社區的健康結果和生活品質。