You can change your life in 16 weeks

Reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes

The Alliance is your partner in health. We are here to support you in living healthy. Our Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) can help you adopt healthy habits, lose weight, and help reduce your risk for diabetes!

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What does the program include?

For one whole year, you can get:

  • Weekly lessons
  • Personal health coach
  • A small group for support
  • Tools like a wireless scale or an activity tracker

Our program includes 16 weekly lessons, followed by monthly sessions. You can choose from an online program to best meet your needs.

Who is this for?

Take a 1-minute quiz to find out if our program is right for you. Find out if you can join and get matched to a program.


Take the quiz and enroll on the Solera website. Quiz is available in English and Spanish.

We are here to help

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