Alliance Interpreter Services

The Alliance offers interpreter services, including American Sign Language, for Alliance members who are receiving covered services in non-hospital settings. Hospitals are required to provide interpreter services for patients receiving care at hospital settings. We ask that providers do not ask family or friends to interpret, and instead offer qualified interpreters.

Find out how to access interpreter services:


Provider Language Proficiency Required Documentation

All Alliance providers need to keep documentation of the language proficiency of their clinical and non-clinical employees who are bilingual and communicate with a patient in a language other than English.

Informing Patients How To Request Language Services

The Alliance provides a flyer you can post in your office which states: “Point to your language! We will get you an interpreter” in multiple languages.

To view and download the flyer, please click here.

Written Translation of Member Materials

Members can request written member materials in a language or format they need. All Alliance Medi-Cal member materials are in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog. All Alliance Group Care member materials are in English, Spanish and Chinese.

To request materials in a different language, or materials in an audio, Braille, large font, or other alternative formats, members can call: